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Green Star Estate (15kg)

Green Star Estate (15kg)

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Green Star Landgoed is a top mixture for beautiful and large grass areas.

This grass seed mixture gives these surfaces a beautiful green color and a chic appearance. Green Star Landgoed creates a lawn that is as tight as a billiard table.


• Nice ornamental lawn

• Beautiful green in color

• Neat lawn

• Chic appearance

• Various types of red fescue


35% perennial ryegrass Dickens 1 / Bizet 1 / Esquire

15% Meadow Meadow Grass Julia / Kaitos / Miracle

15% Common red fescue Trophy/Casanova

15% Red fescue with fine shoots Barmalia / Valdora / Smirna

20% Red fescue with large shoots Rossinante / Jasperina

Product and cultivation information

Sowing density: when sowing: 150 – 250 kg of seed per hectare

Sowing period: when sowing: March to September

Sowing density: when overseeding: 75 – 125 kg of seed per hectare

Packaging: 15 kg

Application(s): lawn

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