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Ten Have

Green Star Sport play lawn (15kg)

Green Star Sport play lawn (15kg)

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Buy grass seed in 15kg

Green Star Playing Lawn from ten Have combines a high ornamental value with good resilience. The grass seed mixture establishes, germinates and recovers quickly.

Almost half of Green Star Playing Lawn consists of fine-leaved perennial ryegrass. This variety not only has a beautiful appearance, but is also resistant to short mowing. Lawns are often mowed too short, which quickly reduces their quality. Green Star Playground causes this problem.

The grass seed mixture guarantees a dense turf and also performs under dry conditions. The strong lawn has a high tolerance to tread; ideal for playing children!


• Quick establishment

• High ornamental value

• High tread tolerance

• Dense turf

• Resistant to close mowing


40% perennial ryegrass Dickens 1/ Conrad 1 / Esquire

20% Meadow Meadow Grass Miracle / Evora

20% Common Red Fescue Trophy / Casanova

20% Red fescue with fine shoots Barmalia / Valdora / Smirna

Product and cultivation information

Sowing period: when sowing: March to September

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