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GREEN STAR sports fields refresher grass SV100 (15kg)

GREEN STAR sports fields refresher grass SV100 (15kg)

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Buy grass seed for sports fields

Green Star sports fields refresher grass, formerly Sports Fields 100 (SV100), consists of 100% perennial ryegrasses. Green Star refresher grass consists of 100% perennial ryegrasses that are described in the Dutch Grass Guide.

The grass seed mixture establishes and germinates very quickly. Green Star refresher grass restores sports fields in a minimum of time, even after the winter break. This is why this is the ideal grass seed mixture for overseeding sports fields that are used professionally and intensively.

The grass can withstand short mowing. This not only produces a nice 'picture', but also benefits the game.


• Suitable for overseeding

• Quick establishment

• Sleek appearance

• Good recovery capacity

• Resistant to close mowing


100% perennial ryegrass Vesuvius / Hugo 1 / Bizet 1

Product and cultivation information

Sowing density: when sowing: 150 – 200 kg of seed per hectare

Sowing period: when sowing: April to September

Sowing density: when overseeding: 75 – 100 kg of seed per hectare

Sowing period: when overseeding: at the end of the playing season

Cutting height: 2 – 3 cm

Packaging: 15 kg

Application(s): sports and playing fields

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