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Green Star Shady grass seed (15kg)

Green Star Shady grass seed (15kg)

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Green Star Schaduwrijk contains grass species that perform excellently even in little sunlight. So a beautiful lawn also grows in the shade. The formation of moss and bare spots is prevented, so that the entire lawn surface consists of grass. In addition to its high shade tolerance, the grass seed mixture also has a high tread tolerance. Green Star Shady is a suitable mixture for both ornamental and play lawns.


• High shade tolerance

• High tread tolerance

• Prevents moss and bare spots

• Dense turf

• Ornamental and play lawn


15% Meadow Meadow Grass Kaitos / Miracle

20% Common red fescue Trophy/Casanova

20% Red fescue with fine shoots Barmalia / Valdora / Smirna

20% Red fescue with large shoots Rossinante / Jasperina

25% Sheep grass or hard fescue Dumas 1 / Manetto / Spartan

Product information

Sowing density: when sowing: 150 – 250 kg of seed per hectare

1 kg is good for 50 M²

Sowing period: when sowing: March to September

Sowing density: when overseeding: 75 – 125 kg of seed per hectare

Packaging: 15 kg

Application(s): ornamental and play lawn

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