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Barenbrug Basic Sport 7 15 kg

Barenbrug Basic Sport 7 15 kg

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Why choose Basic Sport 7

  • High play and drought tolerance

  • Fast establishment

  • Orange band quality mark

  • Independently tested

  • Good self-healing ability

Sport 7 contains 2 strong varieties for the construction and restoration of sports fields and lawns that are used as a kicking field.

High play tolerance:

Basic Sport 7 is a 75/25 mixture that consists of 75% of most play-tolerant varieties. Traditionally, many sown with Basic Sport 7 are very tolerant of play, so that even the most intense football matches do not constrict the field.

Strong rooting:

The mixture ensures strong roots so that the field can hold its own even in the event of a heavy sliding. Thanks to the strong root system, not the entire plant is removed from the turf, but only the top. This way the grass grows back.

Thanks to the perennial ryegrass in the mixture, Basic Sport 7 establishes itself quickly. In a short time, a beautiful green turf will be ready for the most beautiful football.

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