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Barenbrug SOS Sport - Super Over Seeding 15 kg

Barenbrug SOS Sport - Super Over Seeding 15 kg

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SOS is an innovative grass seed mixture with extremely fast...
germination and establishment (much faster than perennial ryegrass) even
overseed in winter.

Composition: 50% SOS 50% perennial ryegrass

Application: Sowing density 3 - 5 kg/100m100m² Mowing height
from 20mm

  • A dense turf all year round

  • Also grows at low soil temperatures from 6 °C

  • Increasing the number of possible playing hours through earlier overseeding
    in the spring

  • SOS guarantees a grass occupancy of at least 60% within one month;
    that is no less than 18 days faster than standard mixtures

  • Prevents weeds such as annual meadow grass

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