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Garden soil for garden plants (Florentus)

Garden soil for garden plants (Florentus)

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Soil for garden plants - suitable for (re)planting your garden plants

Soil for garden plants from the Florentus brand is available in a 40 liter bag. The soil is very suitable for planting and/or replanting garden plants such as perennials, shrubs, trees, ornamental shrubs, conifers and bedding plants. This can be done in the open ground or in pots.

We do not recommend using this garden soil for acid-loving plants (such as rhododendron, hydrangea, heather, azalea, etc.). For this it is better to buy soil for rhododendron.

Garden plant soil from the Florentus brand has the Good Soil quality mark.

Potting soil quality mark

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You can buy garden soil in 40 liter bags and there are 60 bags stacked on a pallet.
A rainproof cover has been placed over the bags to protect the bags from rain. This cover also ensures that the bags stay neatly in place.

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