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Healthy Start fertilizer tablets

Healthy Start fertilizer tablets

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Buy Healthy Start fertilizer tablets

A 100% organic "slow release" fertilizer tablet. The tablets work all year round. The unique combination of slow-release fertilizers and soil bacteria ensure healthy growth and also keep your soil in condition.

Application of fertilizer tablet

Healthy Start® can be used on palms, potted plants, container plants and hanging plants. Press a few tablets about 2-5 cm into the soil near the roots. The quantity depends on the pot size. Then water well.


For container plants, hanging plants, larger sizes of potted plants and when planting trees and shrubs, the following number of tablets:


10 tablets of 21 grams in a tube.


Store in a cool, dry environment: shelf life of 3 years.

Benefits of Healthy Start®

  • a natural and better alternative to slow-release fertilizer (tablets)
  • improves the soil structure and enriches the natural soil life for a whole year
  • contains nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-releasing soil bacteria and specific rhizobacteria
  • are completely safe for humans, animals and plants and cannot burn the plant roots
  • the nitrogen does not leach out, the soil bacteria continue to bind the unabsorbed nitrogen
  • leave no residues, are odorless and easy to use

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