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Jiffy 36mm peat tablet (Jiffy7)

Jiffy 36mm peat tablet (Jiffy7)

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The original Jiffy7 in 36mm format. Extra benefit for larger quantities.

Peat tablet Jiffy 36 mm

Peat tablets or also called swelling plugs from Jiffy are the ideal product for sowing. This size of peat tablet can also be used in the cultivation ash. The Jiffy7 is a product that has proven itself in professional horticulture. Hobby growers can now also use this know-how. Germination in the Jiffy7 will be more even and the seedling will not suffer any root damage when transplanting. This will result in faster growth and plants that can develop a strong root system. The roots grow very easily through the net.


The Jiffy 7 peat tablets are biodegradable. The net is made of PLA, so it is completely biodegradable. All you have to do is add water to the peat tablet and it will swell. Hence the name 'swell plug'.

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