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Lime (Custom lime) (20kg)

Lime (Custom lime) (20kg)

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ECOstyle OpMaat Lime is a 100% natural and CO2 neutral lime. The lime is made from a residual product of the Dutch water extraction industry, making it a sustainable solution. OpMaat Kalk has a long-lasting effect. The hard and dust-free micro grain ensures a beautiful spreading pattern and has a neutral color. Together with the added micro-organisms, the lime improves acidity and soil structure.
Because OpMaat Lime only dissolves at a pH that is too low, overdosing is not possible and therefore has a long buffering effect.

Properties of Custom Lime from ECOstyle

- 100% natural and CO2 neutral lime
- Increases and maintains the pH value
- Buffers the pH for a long period
- Improves the soil structure

OpMaat Kalk can be used all year round. The frequency and duration of application depends on soil conditions.
Avoid spilling on a hard, flat surface, as an excess of granules can cause slipping due to the round shape.


Micro grain

5 - 20 kg/100 m2, depending on the pH value.

Neutralizing value:

Lime fertilizer
Calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) in which bacteria are mixed;

(Bacillus sp ) 10 exp. 6 germs/gram.

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