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Kieserite (25%MgO) (25 kg)

Kieserite (25%MgO) (25 kg)

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Kieserit (often called Kieserite) granule is a natural source of magnesium. The sulfur and magnesium present in the fertilizer are water-soluble, meaning they can be directly absorbed by the plant. Triferto Kieserit thus ensures an optimal magnesium supply for the plants. It quickly results in a deep green leaf color.

The effect of Kieserite

Magnesium is essential for photosynthesis. For crops that are sensitive to magnesium deficiencies such as lawns, conifers and evergreen shrubs, Kieserite granule is the perfect magnesium source that provides a deep green color. Kieserite works independently of the acidity and can therefore be used on all soils and is ideal for quickly covering the magnesium and sulfur needs.

Deep green lawn and less mowing

Feeding the lawn with Kieseriet gives your lawn a healthy green look. The magnesium content in this fertilizer stimulates the formation of chlorophyll. This greatly promotes photosynthesis of the grass, which ensures a better color and a healthier lawn. An effect that is visible within two weeks after spreading.

Does this mean extra mowing...? No, the grass grows in a slow, natural way. Kieserite does not contain nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium, so the growth of the grass is not additionally stimulated. Kieserit can be applied at any time. So is your lawn a bit yellow? Most likely it is a magnesium deficiency and Kieserite is the solution.

Kieserite for green shrubs and conifers
Magnesium deficiency in shrubs and conifers can be recognized by yellow or brown discoloration of the leaves or needles. By administering magnesium, the plant shows a dark green color again. Most shrubs and conifers are magnesium-loving crops.

Kieserite in the vegetable garden
Not only ornamental plants and hedges can benefit from extra magnesium. Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, parsley, celery, etc. will also turn a healthy dark green color when you fertilize them with Kieserite. Due to its fast absorption, the effect becomes visible quickly! Kieserite can also be used on fruit vegetables with large leaves such as tomatoes and cucumber.

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