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Chicken manure pellets bag of 25 kg

Chicken manure pellets bag of 25 kg

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Want to buy chicken manure pellets? Chicken pellets from Agrifield: 100% organic fertilizer

Chicken manure pellets are used in balanced agriculture, vegetables, fruit growing, flowers and lawns. Chicken manure pellets contain a high concentration of organic substances. These organic substances are easily absorbed by the soil and stimulate the root formation of plants. They also promote biodiversity in the soil. A full pallet contains 50 bags of 25kg.

Benefits of chicken manure pellets

  • Pasteurization according to European regulation 1069/2009. So completely free of germs and weeds
  • Source of humus
  • Homogeneous and stable - grain size 4 mm
  • Traceable thanks to controlled production systems (trace and track)
  • Stimulation of the activity of micro-organisms in the soil
  • Natural trace elements present

NPK 4-3-3 values ​​of chicken manure pellets

  • Organic matter 68%
  • Dry matter 88%
  • Total nitrogen (N) 4.0% of which organic (N) 3.8%, Phosphate (P2O5) 3.0%, Potassium (K2O) 3.0%, Magnesium (MgO) 1%, Calcium (CaO) 9%
  • C/N ratio >10

Agrifield fertilizer granules can be applied in the period February to October. The most ideal application period is March to May. In addition, autumn fertilization in September-October is recommended.

The best result is achieved when rain is expected.

The chicken pellets are often used in agriculture but are extremely suitable for lawns, ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit, roses, bulbous and tuber crops.

Dosages of organic fertilizer granules


        • Leek: 25-30 kg/100 m²
        • Cabbage crops: 20-25 kg/100 m²
        • Fruit vegetables: 25-30 kg/100 m²
        • Leafy vegetables: 15-20 kg/100 m²
        • Large vegetables in general: 15-30 kg/100 m²


        • Fruit trees: 20-25 kg/100 m²
        • Small fruit: 15-20 kg/100 m²

Tree nursery:

        • New plantings: 25-30 kg/100 m²
        • Existing plantings: 15-20 kg/100 m²


        • Roses, (cut) flowers: 15-20 kg/100 m²
        • Flowering plants: 15-20 kg/100 m²


        • 1 kg on 5 - 10 m2

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