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Cow manure pellets (25 kg)

Cow manure pellets (25 kg)

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Cow manure pellets 25kg

Cow manure pellets are 100% organic and purely natural. The granules are composted cow manure granules. This means that the cow manure has been treated to remove all pathogens. This process also means that no and unwanted bacteria and fungi are present. This is a very important quality aspect, after all you do not want extra weed seeds in your garden and/or lawn.

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A full pallet has 36 bags of 25kg on a pallet (900kg).

Advantage of cow manure pellets

The major advantage of organic fertilization is the minimal leaching of the mineral elements. This is due to the high organic content of bound nitrogen. The release of the nutrients happens slowly, which means the effectiveness is high and the form of fertilization is long-lasting!

Properties of cow manure granules

  • Pasteurization according to European regulation 1069/2009
  • Source of humus
  • Homogeneous and stable thanks to very modern production and drying technology
  • Traceable thanks to controlled production systems
  • Stimulates the activity of micro-organisms in the soil
  • Natural trace elements present: Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Zn, Cu, Se
  • Sustainable and ecological product
  • Not acidifying
  • No washout
  • Increased yield and healthier cultivation
  • Stabilization of the soil structure
  • Improvement of water and air management
  • Grain size 4-5 mm


NPK 2-2-2 values

  • Organic material 70%
  • Dry matter 88%
  • Total nitrogen (N) 2.0%, of which organic (N) 1.6%
  • Phosphate 2.0%
  • Potassium 2.0%
  • Magnesium 1.2%
  • Calcium 3.0%
  • C/N Ratio 12


Cow manure pellets can be applied in the period February to October. The most ideal application period is March to May. In addition, autumn fertilization in September-October is recommended. The best result is achieved when rain is expected.

The cow manure pellets are often used in agriculture but are extremely suitable for lawns, ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit, roses, bulbous and tuber crops.

Lawn: 1 kg on 5 - 10 m2
Ornamental garden: 1 kg on 5 - 8 m2
Allotment: 1 kg on 5 - 8 m2

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