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Luxan ECO Nema-T-bag Felti (100m2)

Luxan ECO Nema-T-bag Felti (100m2)

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Combating leatherjackets in the grass

Nema-T-bag Felti is a mixture of nematodes to combat leatherjackets, thrips, Colorado beetles and ants. The nematodes penetrate the insect larvae, after which they die because the nematodes secrete a bacterium.

The nematodes reproduce in the larvae and search for new insect larvae until there are no more larvae in the soil and the pest has disappeared.

For leaf treatment of Colorado potato beetles it is necessary to hit the larvae properly.

Ants are not destroyed, but they move because they do not like nematodes in their environment.

This completely biological control does not pose any burden on the environment and therefore fits in with a sustainable circular idea of ​​problem solutions in the garden.


2 x 1 T-bag/50 m² (total 100 m²)

The nematodes can easily be spread with the sprayer .

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