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Luxan genoxone ZX 100 ml

Luxan genoxone ZX 100 ml

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Against weeds in shrubs

Genoxone ZX is a foliar herbicide with a systemic action and is active against a broad spectrum of broadleaf and woody plants such as nettles, thistles, butterbur and other broadleaf weeds. Horsetail, blackberries and bushes can also be easily tackled with this product.

Apply Genoxone ZX under growing conditions, sufficient leaf mass must have developed before application. Genoxone ZX has no effect on grasses.


Temporarily or permanently uncultivated areas, with the exception of paved surfaces, to combat blackberries, bushes, shrubs, woody plants, horsetail and broadleaves (such as nettles, thistles, etc.)


Spot treatments: 12.5 ml Genoxone ZX per liter of water, for the treatment of spots with weeds such as nettles, bushes, butterbur or other weeds. Spray the plants until the liquid just barely runs off.

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