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Organic potting soil for the vegetable garden

Organic potting soil for the vegetable garden

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Organic potting soil for the vegetable garden

If you want to garden organically and naturally, Florentus organic potting soil for vegetable garden is ideal for planting, growing and potting the most common vegetables, herbs and fruit. You can use the vegetable garden soil outdoors in the open ground or in a greenhouse.

Florentus organic potting soil is made from natural raw materials that may be used in organic agriculture and horticulture, in accordance with the EC 889 / 2008 regulation. BIO potting soil

Due to its good properties, this organic potting soil for the vegetable garden has many advantages for your vegetable garden:

- improves the soil structure
- activates soil life

- airier soil structure and higher moisture holding capacity
- contains organic BIO food for 100 days

Bio potting soil with 110 days of nutrition
This 100% organic potting soil is unique in composition and excellent for growing vegetables and planting garden plants. The result is a natural and rich harvest! Florentus organic potting soil has the Good Soil Quality Mark.

Packaging: 60 bags of 40L on a pallet and of course delivered free of charge!

Add vermiculite?

We can also supply vermiculite to mix with the organic potting soil.

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