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Myco-Ornamental Garden (Ecostyle) (25kg)

Myco-Ornamental Garden (Ecostyle) (25kg)

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Myco-Ornamental Garden

  • 100% organic fertilizer especially for the ornamental garden
  • Up to 9 times more root reach
  • Increased stress tolerance and resistance of the plant
  • More efficient absorption of nutrients and water
  • Provides a better return after planting



Every gardener is looking for a fertilizer that ensures little to no loss and therefore less waste and lower costs. Myco-Siertuin meets all these wishes. Myco-Ornamental Garden (7-3-6) is a 100% organic fertilizer especially for ornamental gardens and shrub areas, enriched with 4 types of micro-organisms that act on the root and the plant.

The fertilizer is also unique due to the addition of phosphate-releasing bacteria and Mycorrhizae fungi. This increases the plant's stress tolerance and, among other things, ensures a higher yield when planting. In this way, the phosphate-releasing bacteria increase the vitality of the soil. In addition, the bacteria help the plants to absorb inaccessible nutrients from the soil. The Mycorrhizae fungi form, as it were, a connection between soil and plant. They live in symbiosis with the roots of the plants. Mycorrhizae fungi are perfectly capable of finding water and nutrients for the plant in the soil. In addition, Mycorrhizae also produce proteins and other essential substances, which in turn fulfill signaling functions or positively influence the stress tolerance of plants.

Construction and maintenance of borders and shrub areas.

Myco-Ornamental Garden can be used all year round.
For regular maintenance, use Myco-Siertuin from March to September.

25 kg




  • Compound organic fertilizer NPK 7-3-6 in which bacteria and fungi are mixed.
  • 7% Total nitrogen (N) completely organically bound, resulting
  • from feather meal, bone meal and vinasse.
  • 3% Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) soluble in neutral Ammonium Citrate.
  • 6% Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water.
  • 65% Organic matter derived from feather meal, bone meal and vinasse.
  • 8% sulfuric anhydride (SO3) soluble in water.
  • Fungi: (Mycorrhizae) 14 spores/propagules/gram.
  • Bacteria: ( Bacillus sp) 10 exp. 6 germs/gram.
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