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N23 (20kg)

N23 (20kg)

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Like all other garden plants, grass also needs sufficient fertilizers to grow. If you think about how much grass you remove every year after mowing, you can imagine how much this is necessary to prevent soil depletion. The grass therefore needs nutrition to grow, of which nitrogen is the most important. N23 Grass is the preferred fertilizer to maintain the lawn.

Grass fertilizer for lawn and meadow

A lawn needs a lot of nitrogen. A lawn is mowed about 30 times in a year, after which the grass has to grow again and again. The grass needs nutrients for this, which are extracted from the soil. That is why the soil must be fed, or supplemented with food, to allow the lawn to grow. This means fertilizing with, for example, fertilizer N23. Previously, limescale nitrate (KAS) was often used. The N23 fertilizer is a fertilizer that is comparable.

Fertilize N23

Fertilizing your grass with N23 should be done regularly during the growing season (April to August). During that period you must fertilize your lawn at least three times by spreading manure. The first spreading is necessary in March or April. The temperature then rises again, causing the grass to start growing again. The second feeding moment takes place in June or July. The lawn will then survive the summer.

With an N23 Grass fertilizer in combination with moisture, spraying or a rain shower, the lawn will recover quickly. The third and final feeding moment is in September or October. This gives the lawn a strong start to autumn. A good, healthy turf prevents moss formation, which often appears in the autumn. Sprinkle lime over the lawn during the winter months. Repeat this annually. Due to the increased acidity, the grass roots are again able to absorb fertilizer and moss formation is less likely to form.

Buy N23 (Fertigreen and Triferto)
Due to the enormous demand for fertilizer, we supply the N23 from Triferto and the N23 from Fertigreen. Both are 20KG and contain the same amount of nitrogen.

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