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Organic fertilizer pellets (25 kg)

Organic fertilizer pellets (25 kg)

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Buy organic fertilizer pellets

Fertiplus ® 4-3-3 is a 100% organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer pellets are suitable for organic farming in accordance with EC Regulation No. 889/2008. This organic fertilizer is certified by Ecocert, among others.

Organic fertilizer granules are an ideal product. These organic fertilizer granules contain a high concentration of organic substances. These substances are easily absorbed by the soil and stimulate root formation. The organic substances also promote biodiversity in the soil. Organic fertilizer granules are packed in a 25kg bag. A full pallet has 50 bags (1250kg).

Would you like to order a few bags and have them delivered with POSTNL? Then it is often cheaper to order the 20KG bag (granulate) . This is often cheaper than the 25kg (shipping rate for the 20kg is cheaper!).

Quality marks for organic fertilizer granules

The raw materials of Fertiplus ® 4-3-3 organic fertilizer for organic cultivation comply with EEC regulation EEC 834/2007 and EU_889 / 2008 appendix IIA. For the production and sale of this fertilizer, the manufacturer is controlled and inspected by Control Union Certifications under company number EU 800837. Any pathogens or weed seeds are killed by the special process of fermentation and drying.

Fertiplus ® has been added to the OMRI list and for the German market this organic fertilizer is registered on the FiBL list.


Properties of organic fertilizer granules

  • Grains of 5-6 mm
  • Pasteurization according to European regulations
  • Source of humus
  • Homogeneous and stable thanks to the most modern drying technology
  • Traceable thanks to controlled production systems
  • Stimulates the activity of micro-organisms in the soil
  • Natural trace elements present: Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Zn, Cu
  • NPK: 4-3-3
  • Organic matter 65%
  • Dry matter 88%
  • Nitrogen (N) 4.2%
  • Phosphorus (P) 3.0%
  • Potassium (K) 2.8%
  • Magnesium (MgO) 1%
  • Calcium (CaO) 9%
  • C/N ratio >9
  • pH (10% solution) 6.4
  • Specific weight 700kg/ m3

When Fertiplus ® Apply 4-3-3?

Fertiplus ® 4-3-3 fertilizer granules can be applied in the period February to October. The most ideal application period is March to May. Autumn fertilization in September-October is recommended. The best result is achieved when rain is expected. If no rain is expected, we recommend watering your lawn after spreading.

TIP : The 20kg granules are finer granules and therefore more suitable for your lawn.

The granules are often used in agriculture, but the fertilizer granules are extremely suitable for lawns, ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit, roses, bulbous and tuber crops.

Dosage of Fertiplus 4-3-3 fertilizer granules:

Lawn: 1 kg on 5-10 m2
Ornamental garden: 1 kg on 5-8 m2
Allotment: 1 kg on 5-8 m2

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