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Perlite (10 liters) (0-6.5 mm)

Perlite (10 liters) (0-6.5 mm)

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Perlite (perlite) no.3

Perlite from the Dutch brand Primaterra®. The perlite (10L) is packed in a transparent bag and shipped in a cardboard box.

Primaterra® perlite is an environmentally friendly product. It has a rough surface and open structure, so that the granules contain a lot of air.

Perlite can also absorb moisture well. Perlite is mainly used as an additive in potting soils. It significantly increases the air content and ensures better drainage.


Physical properties of perlite

  • sterile and inert
  • no germs, seeds, insects and nematodes
  • low volume weight
  • good capillary properties
  • great drainage
  • pH neutral
  • airy
  • grain size is 0 - 6.5 mm

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