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Perlite 100L bag (2-6 mm / no. 3) - Premium

Perlite 100L bag (2-6 mm / no. 3) - Premium

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The production process of the raw Perlite raw material is similar to the Agra perlite. It is an inorganic rock. This rock was formed during volcanic eruptions. The rock is purified and broken to different degrees. KNAUF processes this raw material in special ovens at a temperature of approximately 950 °C. During this expansion process, the bound water in the ore changes into vapor form. At the end of the production process, a white, porous, lightweight granule is created: Perlite. It is also often called perlite.

RHP quality mark

Perlite from KNAUF is an environmentally friendly product with a rough surface and an open structure, so that the granules contain a lot of air and can absorb moisture. Perlite as an additive in potting soils significantly increases the air content and ensures better drainage. Our perlite is RHP/ECAS certified.

Premium perlite / grain gradation

The grain size of the perlite is 2 to 6 mm (grain 3). KNAUF perlite is sieved twice. The brand name is Perligran Premium. This perlite is a very nice, coarse perlite without (too) small particles. The pH is neutral (around 7). We can send 2 bags of 100L in 1 box!

A volume surcharge applies to this product.

A bag of perlite contains 100 liters and the minimum order quantity is 1 bag. We can send 2 bags in 1 box so that you only pay shipping costs once. However, this rate is higher than the standard rate due to the enormous cost increase of the cardboard box (packaging). You will receive a track and trace code so that you can track your order.

The size of a bag of perlite (100L) is approximately 120x45x40 cm and the weight is +/- 9 kg. You will receive a track and trace code so that you can track your order.

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