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Substrate Perlite 100L bag -PREMIUM- (2-6.5 mm)

Substrate Perlite 100L bag -PREMIUM- (2-6.5 mm)

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Buy perlite (substrate perlite)

Substrate perlite is used by professional horticulture. Growers have been using this perlite for years and now it is also available for the private market. Through knowledge and experience, hobby growers are more aware of quality and that is why substrate perlite is the best choice! Substrate perlite is the best choice to mix with potting soil.

Perlite, also known as perlite, is an inorganic rock that is formed under high temperatures. It contains a lot of air, which increases the air content. It has a pH of approximately 6.5 and provides better drainage in potting soil. Due to its low bulk density, perlite is ideal for mixing with potting soil for roof terraces.

From us you can buy Substrate Perlite, which is used to mix with potting soil and makes the potting soil more aerated. This is a Premium perlite because it contains little to no fine parts.

We sell Substrate Perlite from PULL Rhenen, market leader in the field of perlite for professional horticulture. This perlite has a grain size of 2-6.5 mm and is RHP/ECAS certified and FIBL certified for soil improvement in organic cultivation.

A bag of perlite contains 100 liters and the minimum order quantity is 1 bag. We can send 2 bags in 1 box, so you only pay shipping costs once. Please note that the rate for this shipping option is higher than the standard rate due to the cost of packaging. You will receive a track and trace code to track your order.

The dimensions of a bag of perlite (100L) are approximately 120x45x40 cm and the weight is approximately 9 kg.

RHP & FIBL quality mark

The Substrate-Perlite product is RHP/ECAS certified and FIBL certified for soil improvement in organic cultivation.

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