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Pireco Leaf Insects 0 5 lt liquid

Pireco Leaf Insects 0 5 lt liquid

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Pireco Leaf Insects can be applied in the ornamental vegetable garden and on the terrace or balcony by spraying edible crops can simply be consumed.

  • Pireco Leaf Insects consist of specific herbal extracts and have a preventive effect in repelling leaf insects. The product supports the natural regenerative capacity, has a nurturing, nourishing and plant-strengthening effect against external influences in the soil and the roots. Pireco Leaf Insects is of natural and vegetable origin and is safe for humans, animals and the environment. Approved for the organic garden.

  • Pireco Leaf Insects has an indirect preventive effect in repelling the presence of natural aggressors such as aphids, scale, root aphid, mealybug, woolly aphid, whitefly, caterpillars, vine beetle, lily beetle, gall midge, spider mite, thrips, leek moth, black bean aphid, strawberry blossom beetle and psyllid. Pireco Leaf Insects is absorbed by the leaves of the plant, shrub or tree. By increasing its resilience, this absorption will cause the plant to develop its own defense system, as it were. Sucking or chewing leaf insects disappear because they do not like the food. Other insects will not be bothered by it. In this way, the nuisance and damage will disappear automatically.

Method of administration:

  • Apply preventively from the moment the plant, shrub or tree starts to sprout. Especially when there has been a lot of nuisance and damage in the past. Pireco Leaf Insects can also be applied when harmful insects and infestations are already visible. Pireco Leaf Insects has a duration of four weeks, after which a follow-up treatment is necessary to repel any insects still present.

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