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Pireco Grass Insects 5 kg granules

Pireco Grass Insects 5 kg granules

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Gramisec for use on sports fields and golf courses

  • Gramisec can be used in sports fields and golf courses. It is mainly applied in situations where the following occur; a less vital soil and weak resilience of grass plants may result in abiotic stress. The product supports the natural regenerative capacity, has a nurturing, nourishing and plant-strengthening effect against external influences in the soil and the roots.

  • Gramisec consists of a highly concentrated composition of specifically effective herbal concentrates based on water. Gramisec is of natural and vegetable origin. The product is safe for humans, animals and the environment. Available in liquid form or granules.

  • Gramisec is best administered preventively. Humid weather conditions are required for optimal operation. Otherwise, irrigation is a necessity.

  • The liquid product can be administered by pouring, spraying or spraying. The granular form can be spread and/or mixed into the soil. Gramisec has a duration of action of two to three weeks, after which follow-up treatment may be necessary.

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