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Pireco Snail Nuisance 2 5 kg/ 25 m2 granules

Pireco Snail Nuisance 2 5 kg/ 25 m2 granules

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Pireco Snail Prevention has been specially developed to prevent damage from snails, but does not kill the snails. This product is 100% natural and contains no harmful substances. It is also safe for children, pets and useful garden residents! Pireco Snail Prevention consists of natural herbal extracts. These extracts are absorbed by the soil and the plant. The herbal extracts make the plant and its environment more resistant to snails. The snails will no longer eat the treated plants due to the unattractive environment. The snails withdraw into their hiding place and cannot develop further. In this way, the nuisance will disappear automatically.

Pireco Snail Prevention is suitable for the organic garden! Safe for humans, animals and the environment. Also for natural enemies of the snails, pets and beneficial insects.


The extracts are absorbed by the plant and soil and have an indirect preventive effect on the snails. The snails will no longer eat the plant and will leave on their own and will not develop further. In this way the nuisance and damage will disappear.

Administer preventively or when snails are observed. Available in granules and liquid form.

Tip! If damage occurs, water the plants and their surroundings. Preferably in the evening snails feed mainly at night.

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