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Vegetable potting soil

Vegetable potting soil

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Vegetable potting soil amica - 100% vegetable!

Amica's plant-based and organic products are free from animal components and are therefore suitable for vegans. In addition, the products do not contain chemical and artificial additives that disrupt the natural ecosystem. The 100% organic soil stimulates a rich and healthy soil life, which ensures a natural balance of the soil.

100% vegetable fertilizers

By working with exclusively vegetable raw materials and fertilizers, it promotes a rich and healthy soil life. When you use amica, the soil is not depleted, creating a natural balance. This creates a naturally strong soil, which is the best basis for strong and healthy plants

  • 100% vegetable
  • Sustainable and responsible
  • Powerful for healthy and strong plants
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Organic, Organic and Vegan
  • Natural soil fertility

Buy potting soil mix 40 liter packaging

Amica potting soil mix is ​​packed in 40 liter bags. There are 60 bags on a pallet and the minimum order quantity is 1 pallet.

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