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Plantacote (1 kg)

Plantacote (1 kg)

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Plantacote is a synthetic resin coated NPK fertilizer. The fertilizer 18-7-12+2 MgO+TE adds a dimension to the traditional method of fertilization. Plantacote has a long duration of action, so additional fertilization is not necessary. Plantacote is easy to use and protects the soil and environment.

Plantacote contains high-quality nutrients. Each food pellet has a sturdy, slightly elastic coating. The fertilizer granule absorbs water, causing the nutrients to dissolve and the nutrition to be released slowly and continuously. The nutrient needs of plants partly depend on the temperature. When the nutrient pellet is empty, the coating is broken down by the micro-organisms in the soil.

The Plantacote system makes fertilizing easy. Due to the sophisticated composition, no combustion can occur and no defect symptoms occur.


Plantacote is suitable for all balcony and planters, flower beds, roses, ornamental shrubs and conifers. Fertilizing once every six months is sufficient. When purchasing plants, the food supply is often small, which means that they need to be fertilized every week.

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