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Pokon Cocoa shells 40 l

Pokon Cocoa shells 40 l

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Pokon Cocoa pods 40 l as an environmentally friendly ground cover

Pokon Cocoa Shells are suitable as a decorative ground cover for your border. The cocoa shells are suitable for almost all soil types of plantings.

The benefits of using cocoa shells:

  • When the caps are sown in a layer of 3 to 4 cm, the garden is practically weed-free. If weeds do arise, they are easy to remove because the roots are weak.

  • The cocoa shells prevent dehydration and ensure good drainage and prevent puddle formation in case of flooding. In addition, there is a humid climate under the cocoa shells, which promotes soil life. But the caps can also protect perennials and bulbs against frost and then act as an insulating layer.

  • The Pokon Cocoa Shells repel snails due to the structure of the shells. The snails have difficulty moving over the sharp edges.

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