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Universal Potting Soil 40L (loose bags)

Universal Potting Soil 40L (loose bags)

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Buy potting soil in loose bags (RHP)

This potting soil has the RHP certificate. It is a basic potting soil (universal potting soil) that is suitable for outdoors and indoors. A fertilizer has been added that provides nutrition for approximately 60 days. You can top up on fertilizers for free when ordering this product. You do not pay shipping costs. The fertilizers are placed on the pallet of potting soil! Save on your fertilizers and/or lime and order them right away!


Potting soil delivered free in the Netherlands

Universal potting soil is supplied in 40 liter bags. You can choose 15, 30, 45 or 66 pieces. A full pallet contains 66 bags of 40L on a pallet and is delivered FREE in the Netherlands. In total you get 2.6 m³.
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