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Potting soil professional 225L (100% white peat)

Potting soil professional 225L (100% white peat)

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Potting soil in 225L packaging

New in the Netherlands is the 225L packaging. The 225L packaging is used by professional growers abroad. Because the potting soil is pressed into a bale under pressure, savings can be made on logistics costs. You can now also use this quality product.
Primaterra potting soil professional is a 100% white peat substrate of grower quality. The potting soil is fertilized and provides nutrition for the first 4-6 weeks. The fraction is approximately 0-20 mm and ideal for growing plants in trays and/or small pots.

PLEASE NOTE : this potting soil is pressed in a 225L bale. In order to be able to press the peat, it is pressed with a low moisture percentage. This will restore the original volume after adding water. Because the peat is pressed in a 225L, you need to remove the plastic and add water. The peat will absorb the water and become airy again. The bale weighs approximately 37 kg and is shipped on a mini pallet.

Compressed dimensions: approx. 75 x 50 x 40 cm and the potting soil is pressed (1 in 2).

Input volume: 225 liters
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