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Universal potting soil (60 bags of 40L)

Universal potting soil (60 bags of 40L)

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Buy potting soil (universal) - Primaterra ®

Potting soil from the Primaterra brand is composed of high-quality raw materials. This potting soil can be used for indoor, garden, patio, bedding and vegetable plants. A special potting soil fertilizer with trace elements has been added for optimal growth and flowering.

Lime has been added so that the potting soil has a pH of 5.8. The potting soil mix contains sufficient nutrients for the first 6-8 weeks.

With this universal potting soil you can repot house plants, fill patio and flower boxes, grow vegetable plants and bedding plants and finally plant trees and shrubs in your garden. You can of course grow your vegetable plants in your vegetable garden with this universal soil.

Buy potting soil and FREE delivery!

Primaterra Universal potting soil is packed in 40L bags (60 pieces). Minimum purchase is 1 pallet and the pallet is delivered FREE. Order online and have the potting soil conveniently delivered to your home. In total the pallet contains 2.4 m³ or 2400 liters! A rain-resistant cover has been placed over the pallet with bags. This cover ensures that the bags remain stable on the pallet and protects the bags against rain.

Cheap potting soil for excellent quality!

The potting soil is made by the largest potting soil producer in the Netherlands. You can be assured of excellent quality potting soil for an affordable price.

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