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Rose fertilizer ECOSTYLE

Rose fertilizer ECOSTYLE

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Rose fertilizer from Ecostyle Rozen-AZ is a 100% organic fertilizer for all types of roses. The fertilizer is rich in phosphate. Phosphate ensures rich and exuberant flowering in roses. The nutrients are released quickly and work for up to 120 days. The special rose fertilizer is enriched with the RhizaMax® root activator.

The root activator ensures a strong and healthy plant. The rose becomes more resistant and is less sensitive to, for example, mildew and black spot.

ECOstyle AZ fertilizer is enriched with a unique mix of bacteria, fungi and protozoa. This ensures healthy soil life and gives the rose extra nutrition. For rich and full flowering.

Rose fertilizer instructions for use

    • Distribute the fertilizer granules evenly over the soil and work the granules into the top layer of the soil

    • Water if you want to speed up the action

    • Roses need many nutrients for healthy growth and abundant flowering. Rozen-AZ contains all ingredients from A to Z for all types of roses

    • Fertilizing once provides balanced nutrition for up to 4 months

    • Regular fertilizing with Roses-AZ ensures that roses are less vulnerable to diseases and pests

    • Practical spreading granule that can be used throughout the garden season and no chance of burning

  • Unique to ECOstyle: Rozen-AZ is enriched with, among other things, the RhizaMax® root activator and important micro-organisms.

Composition: NPK 7-7-5 enriched with micro-organisms

Bone meal, hair meal, hoof meal, horn meal, oil cake meal (grape seed, soy, shea beans), malt germ, vinasse extract and meat and bone meal. Bacteria (Bacillus sp.)

Contents : 1.6 kg of rose fertilizer is for approximately 50 roses

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