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Road salt (road salt) 25 kg

Road salt (road salt) 25 kg

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Road salt is a substance used to melt ice and snow. It lowers the freezing point of water.

Preventive spreading: If the weather forecast is bad, preventive spreading can be applied to prevent the first signs of slippery conditions. If the temperature is not too low and precipitation is limited, preventive spreading can often be effective. Pre-treating vulnerable surfaces prevents snow and ice from adhering to the surface.

Curative spreading: This means that spreading takes place as soon as snow or icy conditions begin, with the aim of keeping the surface passable or making it passable again as quickly as possible.

Repressive spreading: Repressive spreading is done after the surface has already become slippery. It also has a preventive aspect, as it helps with future precipitation to prevent further slippery conditions.

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