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Straw pellets ground cover (40L)

Straw pellets ground cover (40L)

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STROVAN STRAW PELLETS GARDEN not only functions as an ideal ground cover, but also gives weeds or moss no chance to disfigure your garden. The straw pellets are made from a natural raw material, namely wheat straw, making them a natural ground cover.


The pellets swell due to moisture (mist), rain and sprinkling. They quickly disintegrate due to the moisture and form a continuous layer on the bottom. 1 cm of STROVAN forms a layer of 3 to 4 cm thick. A crust is formed by the sun. The color turns brown like peat and tree bark.

  • The crust prevents the evaporation of moisture in the soil, resulting in water savings

  • Weed seeds in the soil do not have a chance to germinate

  • pH neutral: pH value from 6 2 - 6 4

  • Is largely sterile due to heating to approximately 80°C to 90°C during the production process

  • Repels snails

  • Forms an insulating layer that protects perennials and flower bulbs against frost

  • Nothing needs to be dug out. The grain is simply placed on the bottom

  • The layer decomposes and disappears into the soil after 12 to 18 months depending on weather conditions

  • Can also be used as ground cover in animal enclosures (horse stables, chicken coops, etc.)

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