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Terra Fertile

Terra Fertile

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What is Terra-Fertile?

Terra-Fertiel consists of a combination of organic matter, lime, seaweed extracts and clay minerals onto which various naturally occurring fungi, bacteria and yeasts have been grafted.

Terra-Fertiel is the ideal soil activator that helps create the right conditions, which improves the quality of plants.


  • Immediately activates microbial soil life.
  • Prevents and eliminates soil problems (solid soil, one-sided soil life, prolonged flooding and frequent use of fertilizer).
  • Provides optimal growth, vitality and resistance to the plant material.
  • Makes the soil more workable.
  • Improves the structure and thus the air and water management of the
  • soil.

During planting, construction and renovation:
Mix the Terra-Fertiel into the soil from the planting hole or work it into the top layer (top 10 - 20 cm).

When laying lawns:
Mix the Terra-Fertiel through the top layer (top 5 cm).

During maintenance:
Spread Terra-Fertiel over the top layer and rake in lightly if possible.

25 kg


5 to 10 kg/100 m2, depending on soil conditions.
2 kg/m3, when planting trees, shrubs and hedges.

Bacteria: including Actinomycetes (produce, among other things, antibiotic substances and Bacillus species).
Fungi: including Mucor species and Penicillum species for the development of diverse soil life.
Yeasts: accelerate the decomposition of organic material.
Seaweed: stimulates the growth of soil life.
Lime: for optimal development of micro-organisms.
Clay minerals: improve the structure and moisture balance and are also carriers for micro-organisms.

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