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TerraCottem Universal 5 kg

TerraCottem Universal 5 kg

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TerraCottem universal can be applied to all plantings to improve the soil as a soil improver. The product has been continuously upgraded with new and more efficient polymer fertilizers and carrier materials to stimulate even more plant and root growth and to achieve a greater reduction in inputs. TerraCottem universal is used for tree and shrub plantings, reforestation, flowering, roof gardens, horticulture, agriculture, vegetable gardens and potting soils.

TerraCottem universal can be used for:

  • Tree and shrub plantation

  • Reforestation and land rehabilitation

  • Flower beds, shrub borders, roof gardens, lawn, etc.

  • Balcony plants hanging baskets and flower boxes

  • Horticulture

  • Agriculture

  • When to administer: once at planting or just before sowing


  • Healthier plants & more harvest

  • Increased survival rate

  • Increased water retention of soils and growing media

  • Water savings up to 50%

  • Stronger & deeper root development

  • Faster & better establishment of the plants

  • Higher resistance to drought stress and diseases

  • More efficient use of fertilizers

  • Allows plants to grow in degraded saline and other marginal soils

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