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Thomaskali (25kg)

Thomaskali (25kg)

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Thomaskali is an important fertilizer with slowly releasing, high-quality potassium and a guaranteed phosphate effect. It ensures strong rooting and therefore a strong (grass) plant.

Thomaskali is suitable for the lawn, perennials, ornamental shrubs, cabbage crops and fruit trees. It contains extra magnesium for a beautiful green color of your lawn and crops. Thomaskali also contains many useful micronutrients.


Preferably spread in early spring or in autumn/winter and before the start of ground work.

8% Phosphate
15% Potassium
6% Magnesium

Packaging: 25kg bag (800m 2 )

Dosage: 3-7 kg per 100 m2

Spreading advice per 100m2 :
Lawn - 6 kg
Perennials - 8 kg
Ornamental shrubs - 8 kg
Cabbage crops - 12 kg
Fruit trees - 7 kg

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