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Garden soil 40L (loose bags)

Garden soil 40L (loose bags)

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Garden soil is a mixed organic soil improver that is ideal for various gardening tasks. It provides an effective solution for raising, leveling and filling your garden, whilst also improving soil structure.

Garden soil is perfect for soil life

By stimulating biological life in the soil, Flower Power garden soil provides an airy and crumbly soil that is easy to cultivate and has good air and water balance.

This garden soil is suitable for all plants in your garden. The nutrients are gradually released to the plants, but additional fertilizers can be added during the growing season if necessary.

Flower Power garden soil consists of an organic mix of garden peat, green compost and bark, making it an excellent choice as a soil improver.

Most important properties of garden soil:

  • Suitable for the construction, maintenance, raising and leveling of gardens and borders.
  • Improving soil structure and promoting water retention.
  • Rake the existing soil thoroughly.
  • Apply the garden soil evenly over your garden.
  • Lightly mix the garden soil with the existing soil by raking it.
  • Water the garden well to settle the garden soil.

With garden soil you create a healthy and fertile soil that is ready to support and grow your plants.
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