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Groene Jan

Garden soil (90 bags of 25L)

Garden soil (90 bags of 25L)

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Fertilized garden soil is a mixed organic soil improver. Fertilized garden soil is specially made for the construction, maintenance and raising of the garden and borders.

Garden soil contains a lot of organic material and when it is mixed with the existing (clay) soil, this soil becomes airier and therefore easier to work with. By using fertilized garden soil you improve the water retention capacity of your soil. Do not use this garden soil to fill pots/flower boxes! It is better to choose universal potting soil for this.

Groene Jan Fertilized Garden Soil is packed in 25L bags. There are 90 bags on a pallet. Total quantity is 2250 liters (2.25 m³) . The minimum purchase is 1 pallet and will be delivered FREE in the Netherlands.

Buy garden soil in 25L bags

The garden soil is packed in 25L bags - so you don't have to lift so much when you empty the bags into the borger.

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