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Peat litter (51 bags of 50L)

Peat litter (51 bags of 50L)

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Peat litter, also called peat dust or peat, is a product that can be used to cover the ground. This means the plants are better protected against frost. Peat litter is also often used to mix with vermiculite and compost to make your own (vegetable garden) mix.

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Florentus peat litter is packed in 50 liter bags. There are 51 bags on the pallet. The quantity on 1 pallet is: 2550 liters (2.55 m³) . The minimum purchase is 1 pallet and will be delivered FREE in the Netherlands.

Peat moss for the easy vegetable garden

If you would like to buy peat litter (or in combination with vermiculite and compost), click here. With this combination you can make your own easy vegetable garden mix.

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