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Mertens Horiver small GRID 10pcs/pack 25x10 cm yellow Koppert

Mertens Horiver small GRID 10pcs/pack 25x10 cm yellow Koppert

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Mertens Horiver yellow is a sticky trap with wet glue for catching various insects

Effective against: whitefly thrips fungus gnat leaf miner

Sticky traps are essential for identifying and partially capturing many types of pest insects in greenhouses. Sticky traps make it possible to identify pests at an early stage and then tackle them.

  • With grid for easy counting

  • Horiver sticky traps are known for their excellent quality

  • The plates retain their adhesive power under all conditions and the glue does not drip, even at very high temperatures

  • Comparative research shows that Horiver works better than other glue boards

If flying pest insects are spotted, consult your advisor to discuss the best approach. It is especially important at this time that the right decisions are made so as not to hinder the proper development of the fighters


  • Place the sticky traps where there is the greatest risk of infection: near doors, facades, ventilation openings, etc.

  • Attach the sticky traps to wires or sticks max. 30 cm above the crop and adjust the height as the plants grow

  • Do not place the sticky traps between the plants because then parasitic wasps will also be captured

  • Replace the sticky trap when it is largely covered with insects and/or plant debris

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