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Vegan fertilizer pellets (7.5 kg bucket)

Vegan fertilizer pellets (7.5 kg bucket)

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Vegan fertilizer granules are a 100% vegetable fertilizer for your lawn, plants, trees and other crops. The fertilizer granules are rich in organic substances and the vegan fertilizer granules consist of cocoa shells, butternuts, grape pulp and malt. These vegetarian fertilizer pellets have been developed without any addition of animal ingredients.

Benefits of Vegan fertilizer pellets:

  • 100% free from animal ingredients
  • High humus content
  • Stimulates soil life
  • Easily soluble and dust-free pellets
  • 100% organic and environmentally friendly
  • Widely applicable fertilizer
  • Odourless


The organic fertilizer granules are extremely suitable for basic fertilization in spring and autumn, but also during the entire growth period of the crop. This all-round fertilizer naturally stimulates soil life and soil quality.


Weight: approximately 7.5 kilograms
Contents: 10 litres
Surface: 40 - 50 M2
Resealable lid

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