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Vermiculite 100L (fine/no.2)

Vermiculite 100L (fine/no.2)

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Buy vermiculite (seeding).

Fine vermiculite (grain size F2/0-3mm) is very suitable for sowing. It is a fine vermiculite with a grain size no. 2 (0-3 mm). This is suitable for sowing almost all (vegetable) seeds.

Vermiculite belongs to the phyllosilicate minerals such as mica. Raw vermiculite is a mineral consisting of golden brown flakes with a layered structure. The mineral is purified and separated into different grades. The manufacturer processes this raw material in special ovens at a temperature of approximately 750 °C.

During this process, the water in the ore turns into vapor, leading to the exfoliation of the vermiculite. At the end of the production process, a beige, harmonica-shaped granule is created: Vermiculite.

Agra Vermiculite is an environmentally friendly product and, in addition to a very good moisture-retaining capacity, also has a high air capacity. Vermiculite is RHP/ECAS certified.

We can send 2 bags of vermiculite in 1 box so that you only pay shipping costs once. However, this rate is higher than the standard rate due to the enormous cost increase of the cardboard box (packaging). You will receive a track and trace code so that you can track your order.


Physical properties of vermiculite

  • inorganic and sterile
  • free from germs, seeds, insects and nematodes
  • low volume weight
  • high cation binder (CEC)
  • great moisture-retaining capacity
  • grain size: 0- 3 mm (grain 2 / F2)

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