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Vermiculite (medium/no. 3) - 10 litres

Vermiculite (medium/no. 3) - 10 litres

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Vermiculite medium NO. 3(10 litres)

Vermiculite No.3 (AVK3) is packed in transparent bags and sent in a cardboard box.

Characteristics of vermiculite

Vermiculite is a mineral with a golden brown color. The material is heated at approximately 750 degrees Celsius. The water, which is present bound, changes into vapor form. This will cause the flakes to expand. The result is an accordion-shaped structure with many air cells. At the end of the production process, a gold-colored, harmonica-shaped granule is created: Vermiculite.

Vermiculite (AVK3) is RHP certified.

Physical properties vermiculite AVK3

  • inorganic material and sterile
  • no germs, seeds, insects and nematodes
  • low volume weight
  • good capillary properties
  • great moisture-retaining capacity

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