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Vivimus Universal 60 liters (pallet with 39 bags) (DCM)

Vivimus Universal 60 liters (pallet with 39 bags) (DCM)

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Vivimus Universal is a soil improver composed of a mix of organic material and rich organic substances, and enriched with useful soil bacteria. It is an excellent choice for improving soil quality.

By purchasing Vivimus by the pallet you can benefit from several advantages, such as the use of a mixed organic soil improver rich in organic substances. This ensures good growth and rapid rooting of your plants and provides an airy and humus-rich soil.

Vivimus Universal is suitable for planting various types of plants, including ornamental shrubs, hedges, trees, flowers, ornamental grasses, bamboo, boxwood and perennials. It improves soil structure, promotes rooting and stimulates soil life. Moreover, it can be used in the organic garden.

If you order Vivimus per pallet, you will receive 39 bags of Vivimus potting soil and it will be delivered to you free of charge. But if you only need a few bags of Vivimus, you can also contact us to arrange this.

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