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Vivimus Universal 40 liters (pallet with 54 bags) (DCM)

Vivimus Universal 40 liters (pallet with 54 bags) (DCM)

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Buy Vivimus planting soil

Vivimus universal is a soil improver. Vivimus is a mixed organic soil improver and is rich in organic matter. Vivimus universal is mixed with useful soil bacteria.

Buy Vivimus per pallet (advantages)

Mixed organic soil improver and rich in organic matter

  • Plant pit improver for rapid rooting and good growth
  • Provides an airy and humus-rich soil
  • Suitable for planting ornamental shrubs, hedges, trees, flowers, ornamental grasses, bamboo, boxwood and perennials
  • Improves soil structure, promotes rooting and stimulates soil life
  • Can be used in the organic garden

Vivimus potting soil has 54 bags on a pallet and is delivered free of charge. Do you only want to buy a few bags of Vivimus? That is of course also possible. Please contact us.

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