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Pasture fertilizer 8-6-14+3MgO (25kg)

Pasture fertilizer 8-6-14+3MgO (25kg)

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The complete NPK fertilizer for horse and sheep pastures.

Fertigreen® Fertilizer for Pastures is a unique NPK fertilizer that uses the Entec® environmentally friendly fertilization technique. The nitrogen is released environmentally consciously and according to the needs of the grass.

    • The gradual nitrogen availability ensures that the grass does not experience a growth spurt and the protein content in the grass remains low.

    • Better use of Entec® nitrogen can save on nitrogen fertilization.

    • Balanced NPK ratio with easily absorbable phosphorus and potassium.

    • The magnesium present is needed as a building block of chlorophyll in the plant.

    • Extra sulfur content for the production of high-quality proteins.

  • Contains a significant amount of sodium. This promotes the health of the animal and makes the grass and hay extra tasty.

Extensive composition: 

8% nitrogen (N) of which 6% ammonium nitrogen and 2% nitrate nitrogen 6% phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate 14% potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water 3% magnesium oxide (MgO) total • 10% sulfur trioxide (SO3) soluble in water 5% sodium oxide (Na2O) soluble in water.

Packaging: 25 kg (500-1250 m2).

Sowing advice for intensive use: 400-500KG per hectare with 1st donation in March/April 200-300KG per hectare with 2nd donation in June/July.

Sowing advice for extensive use: 600KG per hectare in March/April

NOTE: Although this advice has been compiled with the utmost care, it is only indicative and no rights can be derived from the information provided.

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