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Worm humus in big bag

Worm humus in big bag

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Buy worm humus.

Worm humus is a soil improver rich in organic matter, nutrients and beneficial soil organisms, especially Protozoa. These microorganisms are able to release nutrients such as nitrogen from the soil.

The use of this soil improver enriches the soil at a microbiological level and initiates the nutrient cycle, reducing the need for (artificial) fertilizer. It is suitable for various applications, including private gardens, public green spaces and various types of agriculture.

The benefits of worm humus include:

- release of nitrogen, phosphate and sulphur,

- reducing the need for fertilizer,

- improvement of the soil structure in the long term,

- nutrition for plants,

- reduction of drought stress,

- increasing the disease resistance of the soil,

- reduction of soil compaction and year-round use.

Moreover, it is free from weed seeds and pathogens and is permitted as a B fertilizer in organic crops according to Regulation (EC) 889/2008.

Quantity: 1 big bag contains approximately 1m3

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