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Soft fruit fertilizer

Soft fruit fertilizer

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Are you looking for a fertilizer especially for soft fruit? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Our soft fruit fertilizer (NPK 7-14-28 low chlorine) is composed of fast-acting components that ensure optimal growth and development of your plants.

This fertilizer contains nitrogen for the growth of the plants, phosphate for the development of flowering and potassium for the strength of the plants and for tasty fruits with a longer shelf life. The total nitrogen content is 7%, of which 2% is nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) and 5% is ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N).

Our 7-14-28 fertilizer has been specially developed for strawberries, but is also suitable for other soft fruit crops, such as red currants, grapes and raspberries. The fertilizer has a coating that ensures that the nutrients are gradually released and nourish your plants for up to 4 months.

Our soft fruit fertilizer has been a success with vegetable garden enthusiasts for years. Would you also like to enjoy tasty and healthy soft fruit crops? Order our soft fruit fertilizer now!

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