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Seashell lime (big bag 1000kg)

Seashell lime (big bag 1000kg)

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The seashell lime is a long-lasting lime source for a stable pH. Aegir® seashell lime is a 100% natural product made by living organisms from the sea.

The shells are cleaned, heated and uniformly ground. It is a coarse lime source with a long-lasting effect for a stable pH [acidity]. Aegir® seashell lime is a rich source of calcium [96.1% Ca Co3] and also contains a whole range of unique minerals and trace elements.

Seashell lime

Benefits of seashell lime:

• Long lasting effect.
• Ensures a stable pH [or acidity].
• Seashell lime has an acid-binding value of 54.
• Can be used as recovery and maintenance lime.
• Easy to apply yourself.
• Contains essential trace elements for the soil.
• Not aggressive for materials, animals or soil.
• Supports microbial life.
• Less leaching of nutrients.
• Overall high efficiency.


Instructions for use:

Aegir® seashell lime can be spread with a fertilizer spreader or by hand. Lightly working in is possible and allowed, but not necessary. Can be used all year round on meadows, bare soil and on fruits. After liming, the animals can go straight to the pasture.


Transport seashell lime

The big bag is supplied with a truck that has a liftable flap. It can be moved on a paved surface using a pump truck. If a cage monkey is required at the location (e.g. sand path), additional costs (€ 60) will be charged.


Pasture: 500 kg/ha every 3 years.

  • Calcium: 42%
  • Ash: 99.44%
  • Arsenic: 9.7 mg/kg
  • Cadmium: 0.02 mg/kg
  • Mercury: 0.04 mg/kg
  • Lead: 1.8 mg/kg
  • Fluorine: 51 mg/kg
  • Sodium: 5000 mg/kg
  • Potassium: 150 mg/kg
  • Magnesium: 450 mg/kg
  • Zinc: 18 mg/kg
  • Manganese: 55 mg/kg
  • Cobalt: 16 mg/kg
  • Selenium: < 0.1 mg/kg
  • Chloride: 1130 mg/kg
  • Phosphate: 12 mg/kg
  • Sulfate: 470 mg/kg
  • Copper: 12 mg/kg
  • Iron: 4400 mg/kg

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